About Me

Hi everyone,

My name is Alan Cheung. I graduated from the Visual Games Programming course at the Art Institute of Vancouver in 2012. During my free time, I work on whatever program I peaks my interest at that moment. Due to this, I have written some extremely random applications and learned some aspects of programming that I personally will probably never need to know again.

A bit about my work so far:
In 2011, as a school final, I formed Cimmerian Entertainment with a group of friends and made Dawn of Cimmeria which was presented at the March 2012 Indie 3 hosted at the Art Institute of Vancouver. Dawn of Cimmeria was submitted to IndieCade and was chosen as one of the games to be showcased at E3 in 2012. During the development of the game, due to the small size team and the fact that we were still students, I was the main programmer and programmed the fundamental gameplay, front end GUI, most of the back end systems, and AI for the game.

Email: Alan@phoenixflare.net